architecture • yoga • travel

Maryam is a multicultural and international woman.

She was born in South Africa, grew up in France and the United Kingdom, and has lived in Germany and the United States as well as having spent over 10 years of her life living and travelling in over 30 countries. She has studied and worked in 12 different countries, 4 continents.

As a result of her international life, Maryam is an expert multinational communicator and adapts to new environments rapidly. After graduating with a Bachelor in Architecture and Contemporary Dance from Bennington College, USA, Maryam has worked in Architecture firms and Engineering firms until two years ago, when she set off to travel across Asia and South America to explore culture, humanity, climate and their affects on Architecture and spacial design. Maryam is now based in Lisbon, Portugal. 


Maryam loves:

architecture, design, fine arts, urban planning, model making

yoga, dance, body work and movement

culture, food, exploring lands, trekking, environmental issues 

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