A day in Guayaquil

We’ve been here for twenty-eight days, slowing down and adapting to a warm and quiet city life. Every morning around 7.50 AM, an old man wearing a purple cap on a creaky bike sings out with a husky voice “Piiiña…” after three seconds of silence “Papaaayya” … he continues. His bike is equipped with a […]

eating grains of the earth

Clouds do not hover high above the earth, instead they seamlessly meld over, amidst and into the highlands ragged landscapes of dark burnt-grey rock and deep dusty-olive greenery. The white fabric of Quito that pools, like thick molten lava, around the foot of the highest mountain I have climbed is starkly contrasted by it’s stunning […]


I have fallen in love with yet another city. A city that is full of colour, full of music and the friendliest people. This warm brick-coloured city that creeps up the green surrounding mountains is always alive, especially in December, when it sparkles with millions of Christmas lights at night. Candles line the streets while […]

Colorado autumn

I’ve needed this silence. The sounds of loosely-waving aspen leaves is crisp clear as the mostly noiseless wind winds through mountainous forests. The sky is massive. At night, millions of stars and galaxies appear and shooting stars leave traces of light across the deep blue atmosphere for a few seconds. Through the blend of silences […]

travel bug

Flying across the whole of Africa is how my love of travel started when I was 6 months old. I was born with the travel bug. Flying across Africa, I always love looking out of the window and imagining the lives of the people who lived in those small clusters of lights scattered across vast […]

rolling hills of nostalgia

Greens and golden browns and faded blues. Diffused sunlight, solid flint and crisp wheat husk. Burning wood scents, damp brick must and sliced grass odours. Lengthy summer days, evenings formed with lingering light. Walks through fabricated landscapes, and rolling hills of nostalgia. Nostalgia for childhood freedom. For childhood imagination. Ancient oak and succulent blackberries and harassing […]

World Environment Day

“Outside of some virulent disease, another ice age, or his own weapons technology, the only thing that promises to stem the continued increase in [man’s] population and the expansion of his food base (which now includes oil, exotic minerals, fossil ground water, huge tracts of forest, and son, and entails the continuing, concomitant loss of […]


We’ve taken time to do all that we need to do. To stop moving and stay still. To breath. To allow ourselves to stop and settle. Time to love. Time to familiarise ourselves with a daily rhythm. With a pattern. With a routine. To absorb a language. To count comfortably in an unfamiliar currency. Time […]

Save Elephant Foundation

We drove far away from the city, into mountains and jungles, to the Mae Wang District of Thailand. The heat became a lot more intense and the sun struck the skin harshly. It was calm. Surrounded by paddy fields and lush forests we could hear elephants trumpeting in the distance. We jumped into a pick-up […]

Life spills out into sidewalks

Hanoi, Vietnam. A city with rectilinear mazes of narrow streets. The negative space between the French colonial and Art Deco structures becomes increasingly narrow with the height of the structures until buildings practically touch, sometimes coming within centimetres of one another. In these tight spaces, all sorts of items are stored; clothes are hung to […]

travelling rhythms

We’ve been moving a lot. We’ve visited eleven countries since we left our American life. We’ve lived in and shared the homes of fourteen families, getting to know them, their children, their everyday lives and their culture. Naturally, it hasn’t always been easy finding a daily rhythm; when you travel, you are often taking a […]


“When we walk like (we are rushing), we print anxiety and sorrow on the earth. We have to walk in a way that we only print peace and serenity on the earth… Be aware of the contact between your feet and the earth. Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet.” – […]

Java Island

S u l p h u r   M o u n t a i n s Sulphurous steam crept out through cracks in jagged rocks. We walked on wet earth, through tropical forests, between windy rows of tea shrubs and around a striking whitish-blue and acidic crater lake. We drank tea from the tea […]

Solitude Cafe

The days on the farm start off with crisp, fresh, winter mornings. You hear women and men in the fields harvesting foods for a morning of cooking and preparing. Birds are waking and the sun is slowly warming the earth. Meanwhile in the house, the two sweetest kids are loudly getting ready for school. The […]

Udyan Express

A twenty-eight hour journey. With a family of thirteen in a space of approximately 4 m2. We moved across land, saw rural villages, we snaked through the Western Ghats, saw paddy fields and men and women herding goats on dusty-​earth​y​-paths. We bought multiple bottles of water from men pacing though the tunnel of coaches as they […]

bye Bombay

Bombay Mumbai. A city of contrasts. A city filled to its brim, with barely any space left in it. So full the sidewalks here are only partly for walking: they also serve as a place to eat warm samosas and panipuri, to buy paan and tobacco and bottled water and to drink piping hot chai […]

A Turkish Snowstorm

Tonight is our last night in Istanbul after spending five lovely days in this vibrant city. Tomorrow we board a plane to Mumbai, twelve years after I first fell in love with the city. I cannot wait. People of Istanbul are the nicest. Streets are charming; steep cobbled stone streets covered in layers of ice and snow. […]


Today is sad — I left my mountains. Now I look forward to tomorrow. To twenty seventeen. A new year, a new adventure. We spent the last two weeks of 2016 in quaint stone villages dotted through mountain crevices, creeping up the sloped lands. I went to familiar places to meet familiar faces…faces happy to […]

Strolling the Capital

It’s my favourite time of year in London: Christmas. Lights dangle between buildings, along stone-built streets and around shop windows, framing intricate displays of brilliant colours and gifts. The crowds of people, flowing between the architecture like a rapid river, are filled with excitement and wonder. That’s what I love most. The energy is contagious. No […]


I died from minerality and became vegetable; And from vegetativeness I died and became animal. I died from animality and became man. Then why fear disappearance through death? Next time I shall die Bringing forth wings and feathers like angels; After that, soaring higher than angels – What you cannot imagine, I shall be that.


First tickets out of Europe. Lyon to London to Istanbul to Mumbai… Despite having technically been traveling for the past month and continuing to do so for the remainder of December, we have only been to places that either Logan or myself consider to have been a big part of our lives. So really our year […]

Winter days

Warm cups of tea next to large English double hung pane windows. The cold tried to bite its way through to me as I spent my Sunday hours making lists and planning voyages. Dreaming of the distant landscapes we will soon traverse, arms still sore from vaccinations, I listed items to gather: notebook, drawing supplies, universal adapter, GoPro, mosquito […]


We start our journey on ancient cobblestoned streets. Chimneys tilt across terra-cotta roof slates and uneven walls build archaic streetscapes. I have returned to familiar neighbourhoods; the smells, the accents, the crowds and the architecture fills me with a sense of homeliness.¹ A sense of contentment and belonging. Excitement is growing. Lists are expanding and shrinking simultaneously, vaccines are complete, tickets […]