Solitude Cafe

The days on the farm start off with crisp, fresh, winter mornings. You hear women and men in the fields harvesting foods for a morning of cooking and preparing. Birds are waking and the sun is slowly warming the earth. Meanwhile in the house, the two sweetest kids are loudly getting ready for school. The […]

Udyan Express

A twenty-eight hour journey. With a family of thirteen in a space of approximately 4 m2. We moved across land, saw rural villages, we snaked through the Western Ghats, saw paddy fields and men and women herding goats on dusty-​earth​y​-paths. We bought multiple bottles of water from men pacing though the tunnel of coaches as they […]

bye Bombay

Bombay Mumbai. A city of contrasts. A city filled to its brim, with barely any space left in it. So full the sidewalks here are only partly for walking: they also serve as a place to eat warm samosas and panipuri, to buy paan and tobacco and bottled water and to drink piping hot chai […]