Java Island

S u l p h u r   M o u n t a i n s

Sulphurous steam crept out through cracks in jagged rocks. We walked on wet earth, through tropical forests, between windy rows of tea shrubs and around a striking whitish-blue and acidic crater lake. We drank tea from the tea shrubs on the side of the road while a boy played with his grandmother in the drizzle. Logan enjoyed the feeling of fame, posing for photos as others lined up awaiting their turn. We meandered up a valley, over bamboo bridges to the edge of the jungle. We drank kopi luwak.

C h i n e s e   B a k e d   E a r t h

Landscapes made up of East Asian terracotta tiles and dual-angled rooflines. Hips and gables and curves and intricate patterns. All in red-brown tones broken by deep greens.

H i g h – r i s e   M e t r o p o l i s

Fast-paced and traffic-packed. Glass towers shaping the city and its deep glistening canyons. We ate spicy fresh seafood and custard-textured durian flesh off of large woody pits. We drank bintang and ate jackfruit deserts two hundred and fifty-eight meters above the city.

B u s t l i n g   P a s a r

Every corner is crammed and stuffed with things. You can find anything. Smells are overwhelming and contrast each other drastically; from sickly sweet and overripe fruit scents to salted fish to fermenting tempeh to fragrant fresh flowers to the smell of new plastics… The informal shop-shelters tightly packed onto a small land area create a maze of narrow pathways through an abundance of goods.

S u n d a n e s e   A r o m a s

Noodles and rice and steamed breads and Dutch breads. Cassava and jackfruit and breadfruit and banana leaves and coconut milk. Soy and soy sauce and peanuts and shrimp paste and tempeh and tofu. Poultry and egg and fish and seafood. Bambu spice mix. Nutmeg and clove and pandan and tamarind and black pepper and turmeric and coriander and lemongrass and ginger and keluwak and galangal. Sambals. Cooked on gorgeous ironware.