Shared Housing & Studio

Design for a shared housing with studio space and exhibition gallery on the main street of Bennington town, VT. The project is placed on a corner of two streets, one residential and one public and is considered to be the threshold of downtown Bennington. The space consists of two main buildings connected by a short corridor on the second floor. On the ground floor there are two spaces, the public gallery and the shared studio space, the angled walls and extended side-walk area is designed to draw people into the world of art and socialising. The extended side-walk is a social space between the zones where art is made versus where art is displayed. The public is pulled into this space to have the opportunity to glance into the studio space before entering the gallery. Above the gallery space is the shared living space which includes kitchen, dining hall and sitting room. The space is open plan with a large window that serves to look down into the studio space as well as to gain northern light. Above the gallery space are twelve single bedrooms and four shared bathrooms on two levels with two small community areas. The buildings are divided into a quite side and a noisy side; gallery and private bedrooms (quite) and studio and shared living are (noisy). In response to zoning requirements there are two means of egress and an elevator. The gallery, studio, living spaces, underground storage unit, two bathrooms and six bedrooms are wheelchair accessible.