Lake Cabin

A design for a summer cabin located near Wilmington, VT, alongside a lake. The site is on a slight slope which consists of meadow and forested land and faces a lake. The proposed cabin design sits in the forested part of the site and reaches out to the lake. The starting point for this project was initiated by a study of a beech leaf found on the site. After a series of leaf drawings, the concept of a central axis was established and guided the rest of the design process. This central axis became the main corridor spanning through the entire building, taking the inhabitant from the “unknown” outside, through the dwelling to the “familiar” outside. The purpose of this retreat building is to connect with nature and be part of it as much as possible; the moment you enter the building you are being pushed back out into the nature. Many of the walls open up to reveal the spaces to the outdoors, and the central axis corridor becomes and exterior space during summer when the house is lived in as well as many of the living areas, the entire structure can be closed and shut for the unused autumn, winter and spring seasons.