Solitude Cafe

The days on the farm start off with crisp, fresh, winter mornings. You hear women and men in the fields harvesting foods for a morning of cooking and preparing. Birds are waking and the sun is slowly warming the earth. Meanwhile in the house, the two sweetest kids are loudly getting ready for school. The sun is warm on the skin. Volunteers and workers are laughing together, enjoying the last few cool moments of the day ahead.

The land is lush, and the papaya is a pink-orange-salmon-sweet colour. Banana leaves bow over fields of sprouting life and rich purple banana flowers hang down heavily. The farmland in covered in intertwining native plants, each of which is either delicious or packed with healing magic.

In the kitchen, bowls of colourful produce are being triple washed, cut, cooked, mixed or blended. There are brightly coloured smoothies and syrups, salads with greens and reds and yellows, purples and blues. Large pots over wood fires boil fresh rice and cook fresh veg. Intriguing combinations of plants make your mouth water.

The luxurious vegetation that covers Solitude farmland is turned into wholesome, delicious thalis, smoothies, salads, syrups, chutneys and pickles. You taste plants, and parts of plants, you never knew could nourish you. It comes from the soil to your plate within hours.