travelling rhythms

We’ve been moving a lot. We’ve visited eleven countries since we left our American life.

We’ve lived in and shared the homes of fourteen families, getting to know them, their children, their everyday lives and their culture. Naturally, it hasn’t always been easy finding a daily rhythm; when you travel, you are often taking a break from your life. Your routine breaks, you eat more unhealthy foods when on the move, you spend less time doing the things you usually do for yourself, you don’t exercise as regularly, you drink soda that you would normally rarely drink because 1. it’s safe and 2. it’s hot, etc…

So travelling for an extended amount of time, and regularly having to adapt to new diets, climates etc, has meant I’ve had to work a little harder to keep my rhythms in line. But I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. I’m starting to settle into the life of a nomad, it is starting to become the norm.

Days of yoga on balconies and rooftops, lakeside walks, cooking my own food, eating noodle soups with plenty of leafy greens and tofu, drinking plenty of water, dragonfruit — for sweet cravings, photo and video editing, learning web development, job applications, and discovering new places between it all.