Winter days

Warm cups of tea next to large English double hung pane windows. The cold tried to bite its way through to me as I spent my Sunday hours making lists and planning voyages. Dreaming of the distant landscapes we will soon traverse, arms still sore from vaccinations, I listed items to gather: notebook, drawing supplies, universal adapter, GoPro, mosquito net, tweezers, sun cream, toilet paper, essential oils, headlamps, antiseptic wipes, needles, charcoal, first aid kit, hand sanitiser, multi-tool… etc.

I sipped my milky assam in a warmly lit room, by a joyful little tree, trying to work out when we could apply for our visas as impatience to book our flights to India grew. Only four more days. Outside, colourful lights on wall hung trees glowed brighter as the pale blue-grey sky turned into a rich indigo and birds soared through the sky. In about a week, we will have our first set of visas and our fourth set of tickets.