World Environment Day

“Outside of some virulent disease, another ice age, or his own weapons technology, the only thing that promises to stem the continued increase in [man’s] population and the expansion of his food base (which now includes oil, exotic minerals, fossil ground water, huge tracts of forest, and son, and entails the continuing, concomitant loss of species) is human wisdom. […] Because mankind can circumvent evolutionary law, it is incumbent upon him, say evolutionary biologists, to develop another law to abide by if he wishes to survive, to not outstrip his food base. He must learn restraint. He must derive some other, wiser way of behaving toward the land. HE must be more attentive to the biological imperatives of the system of sun-driven protoplasm upon which he, too, is still dependent. Not because he must, because he lacks inventiveness, but because herein is the accomplishment of the wisdom that for centuries he has aspired to. Having taken on his own destiny, he must now think with critical intelligence about where to defer.”

— Barry Lopez, Arctic Dreams

Let’s take care of our Earth, and at least try to undo the hurt we have done.