First tickets out of Europe. Lyon to London to Istanbul to Mumbai…

Despite having technically been traveling for the past month and continuing to do so for the remainder of December, we have only been to places that either Logan or myself consider to have been a big part of our lives.

So really our year of traveling begins with a week in Istanbul.

I woke up hurriedly, feeling excited we could finally (due to visa restrictions) book flights to India. A diffuse winter light came through the windows, off of which the tiniest icicles melted into droplets as the air outside warmed. You could hear the Saturday morning excitement of passersby on the street. Inside, and still in bed, my first search presented me with a flight that had a 14 hour wait in Atatürk Airport. That’s how that started. We changed our plans, found a place to stay and now we are excited to spend 6 days in the city of Istanbul, eating local foods while marvelling at historic mosques and other Ottoman, Byzantine, Turkish, Ancient Greek and Roman structures.